Here are Top 7 Interesting Video Game Trends this Year

We’ve decided to create a list with the most interesting video game trends in 2018 for all the gamers out there. Here’s what to expect in 2018 when it comes to video game trends.

Augmented reality

Virtual reality still has many obstacles to overcome. Nevertheless, augmented reality is continuing to become more popular and successful, especially after Pokemon Go. AR is definitely more accessible than VR and it provides users with a deeply engaging experience that has fewer obstacles than VR. AR will certainly continue to grow this year.

Battle Royale

Judging by Fortnite’s recent popularity, we are anticipating a sudden increase in the battle royale games.


In the last couple of years there has been an expansion in the esports industry. According to some experts, this sector might grow by as much as 38% from last year until 2018.

Constant console upgrades

Because technology and software are developing more and more, it is normal to expect companies to produce more models with regular changes. This mean that companies will give up the seven-year cycles.

Fewer situations when gamers need to pay

We know that most gamers are tired by now of the gaming companies who are promoting the spending of real money in games. The good news is that many developers are giving up this trend that doesn’t make many gamers too happy.

Mobile-Cross Platforms

Since many gamers would probably like to take their games with them whenever they travel, having your favorite game on your phone could be the best thing if you are a gamer. For this reason, more companies are starting to turn to mobile-cross platforms.

Minecraft is still popular

Like it or not, this game is still extremely popular and it just keeps on growing. Since 2017, the monthly player count has increased by 20 million players and the total count at the beginning of 2018 was a breathtaking 75 million.

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