Get the Latest Version of the PUBG Game With New Changes on Android

PUBG is one of the trendiest games available for PC and mobile. In case you haven’t played it so far, you should try it if you are a fan of battle games. During their quest, players have to shoot against each other. The ground is an island where you can run into more than 100 virtual shooters.

Now you can play PUBG on Android mobiles

More and more people are discovering PUBG. Most of them say that they like this game because it gives them the possibility to play it on PC and carry it around on their mobile. Nowadays, the Android version has been improved and the latest update, also known as APK, is available for download.

PUBG APK comes with awesome new features

PUBG players like this game because, with every hack, they get unlimited money, more bullets and other resources. One of the most wanted features is AimBot. Thanks to it, gamers can lock their target, aim the opponents automatically and win.

So far, this practice was against the PUBG Mobile policy. If you used it, your account could have been banned permanently. The APK version brings a long-awaited change: you can enjoy every feature without restrictions or limitations.

If you download the APK version on your mobile, you will see changes like

  • The liberty to use Auto Aiming and lock your target
  • No more fog during the game
  • The possibility to enjoy unlimited resources
  • A game without recoil or grass
  • Better protection against online threats.

In order to play the APK game on Android mobile phones, you will have to download the WeChat app, install it on your device and use it to log in the game. After the instalment is completed, you can play the APK PUBG game on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

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