iPhone XS Vs. iPhone XR – Which One Is Better?

Apple presented its new iPhone 2018 models, the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max, and now many wonder which is better. Today, we’ll debate the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Let’s see how they compare and which is better.

Both offer almost identical performances

The components of the two new iPhones are practically similar. Both run a Bionic A12 chip of the latest 7 nm technology. However, despite the 1 GB RAM difference between them (with XS boasting 4 GB RAM), the iPhone XR provides a high level of performance thanks to a lower screen resolution.

The SoC A12 boasts 6 CPU cores (two for high performance and four for support), 4 GPU cores and eight cores for the neural part. Apple announced that the new 7-nm A12 chipset shows 50% more power than the A11 chip for the graphics part and 30% higher performance in computing power.

iPhone XR has a higher battery autonomy

The iPhone XR’s battery is the best one among the new iPhone 2018 models. Besides, iPhone XR boasts a Liquid Retina LCD screen which consumes less power than the OLED on the iPhone XS. Its lower resolution allows it to have a greater autonomy of almost 3 hours compared to the XS.

iPhone XS comes with a better camera than iPhone XR

Besides the significant differences at the display level, the other significant difference between the iPhone XR and iPhone XS is the cameras. While the XS comes with a dual camera system on the back, the new iPhone XR boasts only a standard camera.

However, this year, Apple has finally equipped its mid-range iPhone 2018 models with a super wide-angle sensor capable of taking pictures in Portrait mode.

The bottom line

Both iPhone XR and iPhone XS are great smartphones and boast similar technical specs. However, thanks to the dual camera system and the OLED screen, iPhone XS is definitely the best one of these two iPhone 2018 models.

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