PlayStation 5 To Bring Significant Changes to Sony PlayStation Network (PSN), According To Jez Corden

Far from being perfect, the PlayStation Network (PSN) would take significant advantage of the release of PlayStation 5 to make it to the next level.

When it first appeared on PlayStation 3, the PSN had disappointed the gamers and, well aware of this problem, Sony sought to improve things when it launched the current generation of its video games console. Its many changes have changed the face of the service, but have also come with paid access.

Well aware that this subscription concept includes a high expectation on the part of Sony console owners, the manufacturer would take advantage of the next generation of its video games console, PlayStation 5, to rework its offer while adding many possibilities to the PSN according to Jez Corden, editor of Windows Central.

PlayStation 5 would bring significant changes to Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN)

“Heard a few rumors Sony might be working on a big infrastructure/platform update for PSN in time for PS5. They’re not resting on their laurels when it comes to cloud it seems,” said Jez Corden on Twitter.

Unfortunately for us, the editor of Windows Central, who rarely makes mistakes when presenting rumors and news, did not want to say more about the changes we could see within PlayStation Network (PSN) after the release of PlayStation 5.

However, taking the rumor as true, it is good to see that Sony will change not only the appearance of its PlayStation Network but also its infrastructure, which could allow the PSN to gain more boost or even make its entry into the cross-platform play. It could also make possible for the Japanese manufacturer to finally catch up with Microsoft and its Xbox Live by offering new features and functions in its PSN with the release of PlayStation 5.

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