Facebook Messenger Added French Language Support To Its Automatic Translation Feature, “M Translation”

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that it would soon offer video advertising through the Facebook Messenger app. Indeed, the prevalent messaging application, which already allows users to enjoy many features, will soon host video advertising, which will be displayed directly in the middle of users’ conversations. More recently, the group announced the availability of an automatic translation service within the Messenger app.

“In 2018, opportunities to meet people of other nationalities are increasing all the time,” a Facebook spokesman explained. As a result, the company decided to make it even easier for Messenger users to communicate with ease by offering them an automatic translation of their messages.

When a user receives a message in another language, Messenger’s virtual assistant will ask him/her to enable machine translation, if needed. If it is activated, all future messages received on Facebook Messenger in that foreign language will be automatically translated into the user’s default language.

Facebook Messenger added French language support to its automatic translation feature

Powered by an artificial intelligence-based system and fully automated, the automatic translation feature is a handy one in Facebook Messenger.

The new translator, dubbed as “M Translation,” comes as an addition to the already-established feature known as “M Suggestions” which allows Messenger users to complete their current conversation by adding other elements to the text. Enriching your answer with a sticker, scheduling an appointment in the diary, or even wishing “happy birthday” to a friend in an original and fun way are just some of the achievements you can pull off with “M Suggestions.”

On the other hand, the automatic translation feature is already launched in the United States and Mexico since May but now Facebook decided to make it available in France, as well. Accordingly, the platform is currently offering translation from English to Spanish (and vice versa) and from English to French (and vice versa).

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