Hard Reset Your Nexus 5X and Get Rid Of Any Issues

In case your facing any issues with your Nexus 5X handset, a hard reset might save you from a lot of problems. However, this should only be done when you’ve already tried all the other solutions without success. Here’s how to hard reset your Nexus 5X.

First, you should backup all your data, including images and music files, unless they are stored on a microSD card, because a hard reset would delete anything on your phone and restores it to its factory settings.

How to hard reset your Nexus 5X if you CAN access your device

In case you can navigate on your Nexus 5X device, then the hard reset process is more straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Choose Backup & reset;
  • Tap Factory Data Reset;
  • In case your phone is password-protected, you’ll be asked to enter your Pattern, PIN, or Password;
  • Choose the Erase Everything option;

After that, the Nexus 5X device would restart. Pay attention that the first boot after factory settings restoration takes longer than usual, so don’t worry if your handset is turning on slower than normal.

How to hard reset your Nexus 5X if you CANNOT access your device

While the method presented above is only working when users can access their handsets, there are cases when the Nexus 5x doesn’t respond to commands or whatever. In that cases, you can hard reset your Nexus 5X by following the next steps:

  • Turn off your Nexus 5X;
  • Press and hold the Power and the Volume Down keys simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds;
  • Once the image of an Android lying on its back pops up press Volume Down twice to access the Recovery Mode screen – confirm it by tapping the Power button once;
  • When an image with an Android with a red triangle appears, press and hold the Power button and touch the Volume Up button fast;
  • Then, the Android System Recovery screen should pop up;
  • Choose “wipe data/factory reset” using Volume keys and confirm with Power button;
  • Confirm the wipe “data/factory reset” in the next screen and select “reboot now”;

That is how to hard reset your Nexus 5X device if you cannot access your device for any reason.

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