Lightning Network Daemon 0.5 Launched by Lightning Labs To Facilitate Usage

Lightning Labs, one of the teams developing Lightning Network (LN), released version Lightning Network Daemon 0.5 version. The new version will include improvements in privacy, transaction security and will facilitate interaction with light version customers thanks to Neutrino.

The new update was announced on Lightning Labs’ official site with a statement released on September 14th.

“We’ve made significant improvements to the security of user backgrounds, and we’ve also added another Tor option, and we’ve made many improvements to optimize performance and increase reliability,” the release note reads.

The main feature in the Lightning Network Daemon 0.5 is the use of Neutrino to facilitate the employment of users with mobile devices and tablets to interact with the main Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain using Lightning Network without having to run an entire node. Thus, Lightning Labs’ goal is to provide greater security and privacy to these clients.

New Lightning Network Daemon 0.5 version implemented the Neutrino protocol

“Neutrino drastically reduces the CPU usage, memory, storage, and bandwidth needed to use Lightning Network, as it is no longer necessary to run a full Bitcoin (BTC) node,” according to Lightning Labs. Also, they added a new level of security for managing data on the network with data loss protection features that now guarantees LN users to retrieve information from their channels even when a device is lost or corrupted.

This new version also includes double payments detection and an authentication scheme called Macaroons. Additionally, developers deepened the ability for users to use the Tor Browser to more effectively protect data about their Internet connection when interacting with Lightning Network.

Lightning Network Dameon 0.5 will include new elements in the payment infrastructure, but as the improvements are directly made to the LND code and operation, users will only notice these new features when using the microtransaction network.

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