Unknown Facts about Barron Trump

Barron Trump is the youngest member of the American President’s family. He turned 12 on the 20th of March this year and, so far, he managed to stay out of the spotlight. Because of this mystery, people are curious to find out more about one of Trump’s heirs. Next, we will share some unknown facts about the ”little Prince”.

  1. Barron Trump is the first son of an American President who lives in the White House after John Fitzgerald Kennedy JR. How’s that possible? Well, as we know, the Presidents before Trump – Obama, Bush and Clinton, Bush and Obama all had daughters. The other inhabitants from the White House were the proud fathers of young adults who didn’t live with their parents;
  2. Barron rarely appears in public, but this year he made an appearance at the Annual Egg Roll organized by the White House;
  3. Trump’s youngest son attends the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, while the other Presidential children from the past 35 years attended Sidwell Friends;
  4. Barron speaks both Slovene and English fluently. We can imagine that he has to thank his mother for that;
  5. Barron is almost as tall as his parents and he’s only 12. By the time he stops growing, he will be taller than both Melania and Donald;
  6. Unlike other kids whose fathers became the American President, Barron Trump didn’t rush into moving at the White House. He made this step in June after months of living with his mother in New York;
  7. He has a whole floor to himself at the White House. Hearing this, everybody wonders what can he do with an entire floor? This will remain a secret forever;
  8. In case you were curious to know how much money was spent on protecting the Trump family while they were living in New York, you should know the facts stated by CNN Money. According to them, over $1 million/day was spent on security during those times.

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