FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion 1.0.3 Version Is Now Available For Download

The Final Fantasy XIV Companion app for Android helps you keep in touch with your friends and get ready for the adventure, anytime and anywhere you want. With the Final Fantasy XIV Companion, users can chat with fellow gamers for their in-game friend lists, develop and share plans by using the event list, manage items, and browse the marketplace. Now, Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.3 launched and is available for download.

Final Fantasy XIV Companion – Features

Final Fantasy XIV Companion is probably the most critical asset for every FFXIV gamer out there as it’s coming with some essential features that help you boost your gameplay.

The Chat function, as its name says, allows users to chat with other players who are using the Companion app, be them in-game friends, Free Company and Linkshell members, and others.

As an addition to Chat, there is the Event List which permits users to create, edit, and manage scheduled events and gather your friends to take on raids, trials and so on.

Also, the Final Fantasy XIV Companion app for Android features an Item Management section where you can sort, move, sell, or discard your items with the tap of a button, and grant you access to the Market Board where various things can be bought or sold in the marketplace for the in-app currencies.

Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.3 brings some cool changes

The latest Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.3 version came out with some improvements and a few changes in the Chat and Market Board sections. Also, some minor bugs were fixed.

With the addition of the new furniture item “mannequin,” a new category has been included in the Market Board, and it allows users to view the prices and pending sales specifically for the new item.

Also, the devs fixed the problem of the Chat section reported by Android users of the Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.3. Namely, until now, some users couldn’t receive chat notifications when leaving the app while chat windows were still open.

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