Get Better at Clash Royale in Five Easy Steps

Clash Royale does not look like such a difficult game but for a first-time player, it might. Each one of the 80 cards is unique so you will need to learn a lot if you want to become a pro.

  • Do not leak elixir

You and your opponent get generated elixir at the same time. You are both offering him a big advantage and waste elixir when while he plays unit you are waiting on the full elixir.

By destroying the towers, you win the match, and you need to do that using units. The units can be purchased using elixir so the more elixir you have, the more units you have and your chances of winning grow.

Do you not know when to play units? Use them to defend yourself by playing them right away. If you do not need defense, dropping them when the elixir hits nine would be a wise choice as you will not waste elixir.

  • Do not activate the king.

Two princess towers will be shooting at your units at the start of the match while the kind is simply watching. He will get angry if you attack him so it will begin shooting your units as well.

There are only disadvantages when you activate the king, and besides that, we bet you do not have those 20 Fireballs necessary to destroy him completely so DO NOT ACTIVATE THE KING.

You can avoid any failure by being careful when you aim your spells and at the same time learn to use them well. Wait for the opponent to play something and fireball that do not fireball a lone tower.

  • Do not just drop units at the bridge.

If a single unit will be dropped at the bridge, you will not be able to support your attack with the elixir you have. The opponent will defend it with no difficulty being helped by the enemy towers.

It is not difficult at all to defend a single unit which was dropped at the bridge so avoid doing that.

Multiple units can be defended but by better players so until then, play safe.

You can rush with a deadly combo on the bridge and surprise you opponent but relying on luck does not work for every trial. To win as many times as possible, play it safe.

Relying on luck will not make you better either but safe and patient playing will. This does not bring quick wins, but you will not lose as much.

Defend on your side of the arena

Your best defenders are the towers. They do a lot of damage, they shoot fast, they are always there ready to defend, and they have a big range too.

You can gain advantage and defend the enemy units more easily with the help of the towers.

It is even better when your king is activated as it is a good defense against Miner, Goblin Barrel or Graveyard.

  • Do not overcommit on defense, space out your troops.

A very important part of this game is the spells. You mainly use them on offense, and if you put all your units close to each other when the opponent attacks, it will take them only one spell to bring you down.

  • Try to defend with the minimum of units possible.

Make sure your troops are far from each other when you defend so a single spell will not kill them.

Bonus tip: Don’t BM

BMing means laughing at you opponent and spamming others. It is short for Bad Manners.

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