Google Maps Navigation & Transit (Wear OS) 9.87.0 Beta Available to Download

Google Maps remain the most popular and appreciated navigation system on the Internet. Now, Google Maps Navigation & Transit (Wear OS) 9.87.0 Beta is available to download.

With more than 220 countries and territories mapped, Google Maps maintains its domination in this field on the majority of operating systems, keeping its supremacy over its competitors, and we talk about some fierce competition here, such as the Waze app on iOS systems.

Google Maps has a lot of useful features

Google Maps helps people by offering real-time GPS navigation and traffic and transit information, while users can explore local neighborhoods and find the best dining places no matter what part of the world you’re in.

Also designed to help users beat traffic and save time by offering real-time traffic conditions and rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures, Google Maps is also an excellent asset for the drivers from all over the world. Additionally, with Google Maps you can find local restaurants to eat and go out with your friends or event that matter for you.

However, the best features remain offline navigation and, of course, the Street View function that allows you to visit any place in the world like you’d actually be there. Also, the indoor maps feature is handy for finding your way while you’re inside big places like airports, malls, and stadiums.

Google Maps Navigation & Transit (Wear OS) 9.87.0 Beta is now available to download

Just recently the new Google Maps Navigation & Transit (Wear OS) 9.87.0 Beta rolled out, and it comes with a series of tweaks under the hood and some bug fixes.

This version, as its name says, is designed for Wear OS and it is a Beta version which means that some of the features and functions are still only for testing purposes, so some of them might not reach the final version.

Therefore, to get the new Google Maps Navigation & Transit (Wear OS) 9.87.0 Beta and become a Beta tester for Google, you can follow this link and follow the instruction there.

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