Netflix 6.12.0 build 29704 Beta Available to Download

Netflix is the world’s most famous and appreciated subscription-based video streaming service for watching TV series, movies, and more. Netflix is also accessible on mobile devices via its Android and iOS app. Now, Netflix 6.12.0 build 29704 Beta is available to download for Android devices.

Netflix is the distinguished subscription-based video streaming services which grant you access to unlimited TV shows and movies for a low monthly price.

Netflix app for Android helps you enjoy Netflix on the go

The Netflix app for Android helps you to watch as many TV series episodes and movies as you want, as frequent as you desire, and at any moment you like. With the app, you can browse the still-growing Netflix selection of thousands of titles and the impressive collection of TV shows with new episodes being regularly added.

Within the Netflix app, you can search for titles and watch whatever you want immediately on your phone or tablet, rate your favorite TV series or movies, and tell Netflix about your preferences so they can suggest you new titles you might enjoy.

The best part is that, with only one subscription, you can start watching on one device and resume on another, regardless of the operating system.

Netflix 6.12.0 Build 29704 Beta is now available

The new Netflix Beta version doesn’t come out with many visual changes but, under the hood, the new Netflix 6.12.0 Build 29704 Beta brings some significant improvements to the subscribers of this popular streaming service.

As the official release note for the Netflix 6.12.0 Build 29704 Bets reads, Netflix devs for the Android app are working on the app experience to ensure smoother navigation, better content playback, and enhanced stability.

Remember that this Netflix 6.12.0 Build 29704 is only a Beta release, meaning that some of the features within the app are tested and might not get into the final version Netflix team is about to release in the close future.

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