Download Google Play Store APK Versions 11.7.11 and 11.6.19 with New Changes

If you own an Android device, then you already know how important Google Play Store is. Without the help of this application you wouldn’t be able to install any apps or games. Nonetheless, it is possible to own a device that does not have Google Play Store preinstalled.

In order to get Google Play Store you will need to download the APK version for it and then you will have to go through the installation process manually. Google releases new Play Store APK versions constantly, so you need to make sure that you are up to date. The latest versions are Google Play Store 11.7.11 and 11.6.19 and they are both available to download.

New features

Recent updates also came with some new features. For example, there is a card widget which is placed at the top of the search results and it can be used to install an app directly. Additionally, the Google Play Instant feature was announced. This feature will allow you to play games and use apps without installing them on your device.

Play Store Versions

Google Play Store version 11.7.11 and version 11.6.19 were both released on 13 September 2018. The previous version was 11.6.18 and it became available on 8 September 2018. Version 11.5.16 was released on 4 September, version 11.4.16 was released on 25 August, versions 11.4.15 and 11.3.16 appeared on 22 August. You can find their download links online.

In order to install an APK file you will need to make sure that you have enabled app installation from unknown sources. If you haven’t done that already you can do it by going to Settings > Application.

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