Samsung Galaxy S10 Radical Upgrade Revealed Accidentally

The upcoming Galaxy S10 is a big deal for Samsung as it represents the 10th-anniversary device. Yes, indeed, Samsung’s Galaxy S series turns 10 years old in 2019 and the giant South Korean tech company decided to celebrate that accurately with a high-end Galaxy S handset with an all-new design, a triple camera setup on the back, the brand new ‘ultrasonic’ in-display reader, fast updates and a Face ID-like feature. Now, however, Samsung accidentally revealed a Galaxy S10 radical upgrade.

The renowned tipster Ice Universe was quick to spot a critical design change in the upcoming Galaxy S10 device plus some of its specs thanks to an “anonymous” benchmark test he traced back to Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S10 to boast a high screen-to-body ratio

According to the benchmark test Ice Universe spotted, Galaxy S10 would come with the new 19:9 aspect ratio and a 3,040 x 1,440-pixel display. Samsung S9 and S9 Plus boasted an 18:5:9 ratio and smaller screens.

This would be in line with the latest statements from Samsung according to which the anniversary device will have a more prominent display but without making the handset much larger than its predecessors. The South Korean tech company plans to achieve that by practically eliminating the top and bottom edges.

How was the benchmark test related to Samsung Galaxy S10?

According to Ice Universe, Samsung is commonly codenaming its devices using naming structures like “SM-G4x0” or “SM-G4x5.” The new benchmark test was conducted on a handset dubbed as SM-G405F, so it’s definitely a Samsung smartphone.

You might think that Samsung prefers to keep the secrecy around its work and hide any information from the public until the new handsets would be officially presented. However, they don’t do that, and they prefer leaking some information themselves as they did with Samsung S9 and S9 Plus.

Allegedly, the giant South Korean company does so to contribute to the buzz created online anytime a new flagship smartphone is about to come out.

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