LBRY, The Decentralized Multimedia Content Marketplace, Launched LBRY Mobile for Android

The decentralized platform for content exchange LBRY launched its new application for Android, LBRY Mobile, in an “open beta” version. The announcement was made public through the LBRY website where it was also reported that the application is now available for download. LBRY explained in its statement that, as it is an “open beta” version, it is not a full product. In this first stage, the Android application will be able to synchronize only with the email notifications registered by the user, as well as with the status of their rewards on the platform.

Subsequently, they will implement synchronization with other features available in the desktop version, such as the cryptocurrency wallet, integration to ShapeShift, history, subscriptions, and publishing content among others.

Akinwale Ariwodola, LBRY’s lead mobile developer, said it was challenging to develop an application capable of leveraging the LBRY protocol without taxing the device’s resources. However, they managed to stay within the limits of storage and mobile processing speed. According to the release note, users participating in this test phase will be able to access the resources loaded on the platform and collaborate with developers in perfecting the LBRY Mobile application.

LBRY Mobile for Android launched in its “open beta” version

LBRY is an open source platform for the exchange of multimedia content, based on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. It has the dual purpose of offering access to music, electronic books, videos, among others, and at the same time enable content creators to market their digital pieces without intermediaries.

For some, this platform is in the group of decentralized projects for the publication and distribution of multimedia content, which competes with Youtube, such is the case of DTube or Props Project. However, most of these projects function as a social network that rewards creators according to the popularity of their content.

The LBRY website explains that they decided to launch the mobile application initially on the Android platform because it is a system of a more open nature. “We took every opportunity to support the development of open source, a greater user experience,” says the report.

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