Tubemate vs. Vidmate vs. Snaptube: Which is The Best?

The activity of watching videos is perhaps one of the most pleasurable for most of us. Those accustomed to spending their free time on watching a lot of video content might benefit from apps like Vidmate, which can be downloaded on Android devices. Let’s compare three of this kind of apps and see which one is better.

We are going to take a look at Vidmate, Snaptube and Tubemate. All three of them are known to enable users to watch a lot of videos online. The most annoying thing about this kind of activity is that you have to be constantly connected to the internet in order to actually access them. Here’s when these apps come to the rescue. By using them, you can watch videos offline as well.

This trio of apps functions nearly the same, basically. Their primary purpose is to help users to download their desired videos in order to watch them offline. Thanks to the technology used in making them, these apps offer some pretty high speeds. Besides downloading videos, these apps can also be used to convert mp3 files or to manage your files among others, thanks to the mp3 Converter and the File Manager which are neatly packed features inside each of these apps.

Because, as you can see, all three of them share basically the same features, finding the best among them remains a tough call to make. However, after a number of tests were performed, one resulted with having the highest downloading speed.

We are talking about Vidmate and it completely outstood the other two apps in downloading speed. Although the others did a decent job, Vidmate really impressed people. The test used was to download a 53 Mb file from Youtube and Vidmate gained the top place.

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