Sony Works On A PlayStation VR Motion Sickness Technology

Virtual reality is indeed a fantastic feat but, for some people, it could be a challenging task to enjoy it. Fortunately, Sony thought about those fans who have a rough time using VR as the Japanese company patented PlayStation VR Motion Sickness technology that helps with the stimulation overload.

The first patent in this regard was filed in 2017. Back then, Sony was working on a technology to ease up the effects of virtual reality such as motion sickness. Since 2017, Sony has been working on the PlayStation VR Motion Sickness technology, and now they’re pretty close to the conclusion.

In fact, Sony is just beginning the real work for implementing the new features to make the gamers experience smoother for everyone.

Sony hopes to enhance the PlayStation VR experience by providing its setup some features for marking a “health threshold value” that would be capable of estimating when the gamer is starting to be over-stimulated.

Sony patented PlayStation VR Motion Sickness technology

Sony decided to look more into the PlayStation VR motion sickness as many users reported a sort of motion sickness when using the VR for a long time, while others even felt dizziness immediately.

Interestingly, the new technology would also pack a microphone with which the console would record negative words that might signal for gamers’ displeasure.

Sony’s patented PlayStation VR Motion Sickness technology is not for preventing motion sickness. Instead, Sony wants to tackle its after-effects as the new technology is designed to control the condition and reduce its side effects in those gamers facing this issue. Another surprising fact the patent reveals is that Sony talks about a wireless headset packed with a battery for a more efficient setup.

It would be exciting to see what’s next for this PlayStation VR Motion Sickness technology, especially from the perspective of the growing virtual reality market.

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