Are Clash of Clans Players Getting More Annoyed or Angry?

Clash of Clans is both a free and premium mobile game which was published by the Finnish game developer Supercell. The iOS version of the game was the first to be released on 2nd of August 2012, and sometime later the Android version was released too on 7th of October 2013.

The game will introduce you in a persistent world with a fantasy theme and make you the chief of a village. Clash of Clans makes you build your town using the resources you gain from attacking other players, a feature enabled by the game’s fighting mini-games. Gold, dark elixir and elixir are the primary resources. If you are more like a team player, you can join a clan and conquer every Clan War together while changing opinion and developing long-term friendships.

The game does not sound so hard, but there are moments when you wind and moments when you lose. To be more specific, when you are a loser it is harder for you to accept the idea that your trophies got stoled and that you could not take care of them.

There is a topic going on at the moment on a Clash of Clans forum where players talk about what makes them angry or annoyed in the game. However, this game teaches you patience from its core to the ends while making you wait for updates or resources…

Some players have said that they only get angry when they lose and otherwise the Clash of Clans’ long updates are great for them because they can take a break from the game, reset their minds and come back stronger.

One Clash of Clans player said that they used to get angrier in the beginning when they were not that experienced and not part of a clan.

SumoSloth said “Not anymore, I am having way more fun now that I have multiple accounts and play with similar minded people. We take wars and clan games seriously. However, we are also very relaxed and casual at the same time, which I know might seem like a contradiction, but it works for us. “

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