PlayStation Now Added Download Feature For PS4 and Remastered PS2 Games

Those who are members of the PlayStation Now have the option of downloading PS4 and remastered PS2 video games offered by the service, according to a Sony official announcement released yesterday. As the statement said, the new feature will roll out in just a few days.

Therefore, PlayStation Now subscribers can download virtually every PlayStation 4 game available on the service, but Sony did not offer any details regarding which video games won’t be available. Most probably, those newer titles fall into the unavailable category, but that’s not official information.

All those downloaded games would come with all the DLC packs the user purchased and with PS4 Pro improvements, while the online multiplayer mode would not require a PlayStation Plus membership. However, the only trick is to connect your PlayStation 4 to the Internet from now and then for Sony to verify your subscription plan.

Users with PlayStation Now subscription can download PS4 and remastered PS2 games

Sony announced yesterday that every PlayStation Now subscriber can download the PS4 and remastered PS2 games that are available on the platform. However, since the feature is going live in only a couple of days, Sony did not reveal which games would be available and which won’t.

PlayStation Now platform was released in January 2015 and, at this moment, it houses about 500 titles for PS2, PS3, and PS4. The new download feature will only cover remastered PS2 games, as well as the available PS4 video games, but not those releases for PlayStation 3. To be eligible to download those games you must subscribe to PS Now (unless you’re already a member).

Also, those who have already streamed a game via the platform and now would like to download their save files from the cloud directly to their consoles can do that, too, now, but only if they are PS Plus members.

One subscription on PlayStation Now would cost you $99.99 per year (a special offer until September 25th), while for PlayStation Plus, one membership plan costs $29.99 for the first three months.

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