Facebook Lite beta Comes with New Improvements

If you have a low- or mid-range smartphone or your mobile plan does not include enough mobile data, then you should use Facebook Lite. Now, Facebook Lite for Android rolled out with new improvements.

Facebook is the most appreciated and popular social network on the planet. Totaling billions of users, the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg is continually updated with new features and enhancements. Now, it’s time for the Facebook Lite app for Android to get upgraded functions and new improvements.

About Facebook Lite

Consuming fewer resources, Facebook Lite offers almost all the functions of the standard Facebook application for iOS and Android. Facebook Lite occupies only up to 2 Mb, so, it’s ideal for users who have smartphones with low storage space, less performing processors, and limited mobile internet.

The app, available worldwide on Google Play Store, lets you use the most important social networking services, including the ability to send text messages, photos, and links. Recently, Facebook also released Facebook Messenger Lite which is the lighter version of the social network’s original instant messaging app.

The standard Facebook app for smartphones or tablets consumes a lot of mobile data. If you are not on Wi-Fi, it would be challenging to make it consume less than the amount of data you’re mobile plan includes. As reported, Facebook uses as much mobile data as 20 videos on Youtube, and that’s huge.

That’s why Facebook decided to release Facebook Lite. Now, Facebook Lite reached the beta version about which we’ll discuss below.

Facebook Lite beta Comes with New Improvements

Facebook Lite, the lighter version of the original Facebook app, is an official app released by the renowned social network for those who use low- and mid-range smartphones with poor processing performance or low mobile data plan.

Now, Facebook Lite beta has just rolled out and comes with new improvements to enhance reliability and speed.

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