Google Drive Gets “Priority” Artificial Intelligence To Organize Documents Better

The technology we use every day is getting smarter and smarter, from mobile cameras that help take better pictures according to the scene and email apps that facilitate quick replies to document management programs like Google Drive that is now able to organize files better thanks to artificial intelligence. Google has announced the imminent arrival of a new smart tool for its Google Drive service, called Priority.

“We are adding a new page in the left navigation pane of Google Drive that helps find and manage the most appropriate Drive files at that time,” Google said on its blog.

The artificial intelligence of this new tool studies the habits of each user to determine which documents are needed at any given time and put them at the top of the list.

“Our studies show that most users only work with about 10 or 20 files at any given time,” explained Google.

Google Drive to use artificial intelligence to organize documents

Although Google Drive already prioritized the last documents that had been used, the novelty would now be in the so-called workspaces, which allow collecting a private set of files to facilitate access, without affecting their storage or permissions. The Priority artificial intelligence organizes these workspaces according to the user’s preferences in order to save the time of administration or search of a file.

However, the system also allows the user to manually design the distribution of those documents.

Additionally, besides organizing the documents, another goal of the new Google Drive artificial intelligence tool is to simplify the display of comments and some suggested actions as “you will be able to respond to some comments directly through the Drive interface and open entire documents with a single click.”

At the moment we will have to wait to see how much time this new function saves for Google Drive, as it is currently in its Beta version, so it is only available to a small group of customers who have G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise accounts.

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