Temple Run 2 Tips and Tricks: How to Play the Game Smart

We all know what it’s like to get addicted to the Temple Run franchise, especially Temple Run 2. It’s a bit different from the original, it has new things. For example, right from the very beginning you’ll notice the visuals, that give a 3D feeling to the game, especially when you’re sprinting away from the temple, when you’ll go to different environments, such as the mine shaft (which is quite a challenge, actually).

We’ve written this article to give you some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of this game.

  1. So you know how the purpose of the game is to stay alive. It also doesn’t hurt to collect coins, but this is tricky, as it can kill you anytime. When you run far enough, the game gets even more difficult, and you stop caring about the coins, and start caring about the distance. However, there’s one exception, and the green gems represent that. They help you a lot – for example, they can resurrect your character after death, so they are worth the risk.
  2. You need to keep an eye on everything that’s coming your way. Of course, at first it’s easy to play the game, but as you go on, obstacles come out of nowhere and they’re quick, so you need to be careful at the game. As said earlier, the coins have their importance, but don’t die to try to get a few coins. Remember, the purpose of Temple Run 2 is to stay alive while the monkeys are chasing you.
  3. Not many of the players know this, but you can turn whole sliding or jumping. Some power-ups are placed close to an intersection, to a jump-and-turn thing can really save you.
  4. The mine cart has you to tilt left and right in order to choose your path at intersections. However, there is a dangerous part, and that is when you tilt to pick up coins and then you need to tilt the other way around in order to avoid death. You can just stop collecting coins when you see an intersection and you should be alright.
  5. When it comes to choosing abilities, you should start with Coin Value. If you collect more coins, then you can unlock new characters and abilities, so if you can get to level 3 in Coin Value before buying new abilities, that’d be great.
  6. Special power-ups are life. Every character gets its own power-up which they can use. After they’re unlocked, you can use them for another characters, too. The first power-up to come in line is the shield, but there are others which include a coin bonus, score bonus or a boost.
  7. Objectives are essential and give their character a goal – they also help you to level up. After some levels, the multiplayer will make its appearance, and this thing will lead to better scores. Objectives are a huge deal.

Characters and their power-ups

From the very beginning, you get Guy Dangerous, and then you can unlock new characters. These new characters also come with new power-ups, so it’s important to get them as soon as possible. After you unlock the character, you can use its power-up with any of the characters, which is actually impressive.


  • Guy dangerous comes with shield (it protects him from obstacles)
  • Scarlett Fox comes with boost (it boosts you forward)
  • Barry Bones comes with coin bonus (it gives you 50 coins bonus)
  • Karma Lee comes with a score bonus (it gives you 500 point bonus).

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