WhatsApp 2.18.282: Brand New Features to Come with the New Update

Is there anyone who doesn’t use WhatsApp? We think not. This messaging app has over 200 million users, and the team behind it already released lots of features to keep it engaged to the public. The company has come with some brand new features, like dark mode or swipe to replay. And that’s not all.

We’ve written this article to give you details about these new features that are now in beta testing.

Swipe to Replay

This is possibly the most helpful feature of the app. The team behind the app is still working on it and it will allow the users to replay a message by using the swipe gesture. It’s true, this feature is already available for iOS users, it will soon be available for Android, too.

You will not have to tap and then hold the message box in order to get the replay button. You’ll just need to swipe right the message that you want to answer, then the app will load that certain message in the replay box.

Recently, the company has asked for a new update through the Google Play Beta Programme, thing that brings the beta version to the 2.18.282 one. The feature is not available at the moment, but it’s still under development – they’re trying to make it even more better.

The dark mode

The company also works on a dark mode feature, that is going to work for iOS and Android, and it will help in reducing the strain on user’s eyes, while they’re using the app in the dark mode. This feature will also save battery. The thing is that there’s no official statement regarding this, but we think it’s going to be out soon.

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