Become the Best at Subway Surfers – Cheats, Tips, and Strategies

Here is how to become the best at Subway Surfers – cheats, tips, and strategies

  1. Play With Two Fingers

The swiping mechanic might be hard for some players who only use one finger to play, but it is way easier and more comfortable to use one from each hand. The thumb listens to no rules so it comes to you to control it so that it will bring you all the wins and high scores. If one finger is not enough for you, there is always room for two. You can use your left thumb to move left and the right thumb to do special stricks and move right.

  1. You Can Escape A Jump And Keep On Running.

While playing Subway Surfer, you can teach yourself a lot of tick move that can help you achieve a better score and bring you in the top best players. If you want to leave a jump and keep running, you need to swipe down, and you will be back on land. If you were not able to time you jump properly, you can easily use this trick and keep running. If you want to change direction while being in the air, you can always swipe right to move right and swipe left to move left. It can be very helpful at times.

  1. Do Your Runs On The Trains And Stay There

Every time you spend too much time running on the ground, the chance of getting hit by an obstacle or a speeding train is even higher. In order to avoid that you should stay on trains for as long as you can, and the trick from the previous paragraph will help you do just that,

  1. Make Sure To Activate Your Hoverboards

You might be able to extend your run in a simple and inexpensive way by activating your hoverboards. Doing that while running at the same time will make the object take the hit in case you crush into anything. It will break when it happens, but at least you will be able to continue running. If you think you are about to crash into something, hurry up and activate the hoverboard because it will not work if not enabled.

  1. Watch Ad Videos To Get Free Coins

You only want to keep this game in your phone and not spend real money? You can always watch ads to get more cash. If you want to spend a couple of minutes getting some coins, you can go to Earn Coins from the Shop and take advantage of the watch ad videos option. Everytime you watch a video you will get two coins, but unfortunately, that can be done only once a day.

  1. Don’t Waste Your Keys

If something happened and your running session stopped, and no other option is available, you can keep on playing by using your keys. When you use key after key after key in only one run, you will be surprised to see how fast you run out of them when you need them the most. Each time you crash you will need more keys to keep running. The first extension of the session is worth a key, the second tow keys, the third is worth four key and so on with the number increasing exponentially. The best time to use your keys would be when you hit a high-scoring run, and you must keep it going.

  1. Upgrade Your Boosters Regularly

You should upgrade your boosters and use them everytime you can. It will increase your efficiency, and you will be able to run ever more than you thought you could. If you want to get free coins and keys you can use this subway surfers mod.

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