macOS Mojave (10.14) Is Finally Available With Its New Features And Exciting Improvements

The Apple’s macOS Mojave, also known as macOS 10.14, is finally available since Monday evening. macOS Mojave focuses on security and connectivity with the iOS. You can now update your MacBook with the latest version of macOS. Here are some of the most exciting improvements the new Apple OS for Apple’s computers and laptops.

macOS Mojave comes with a night mode

macOS Mojave incorporates a night mode that switches the interface between different shades of gray and black to improve productivity when the brightness decreases at the end of the day. Apple also introduces a dynamic desktop with a bright background that changes with time and location.

Files can be stored more easily with macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

The new macOS 10.14 (Mojave) features an automatical files organizer that groups documents, images, and videos, among others, into logical groups with a single click.

Several criteria can be taken into account, including the type of document (images, documents, spreadsheets or PDFs, among others), the creation date, or the file metadata. Another function allows users to organize separate files by stacking them by genre quickly.

macOS Mojave comes with an enhanced search system

The macOS Finder now enables you to browse files by gallery by scrolling through small previews to identify them more easily. Quick actions are now available in the preview pane to work directly on these files (rotate, create PDFs, annotate a document, change the length of a video) without opening them in an application.

Easier connectivity between macOS 10.14 and iOS

Struggling to offer its customers a complete experience, Apple has been aspiring for several years to build a bridge between the macOS and iOS. Finally, macOS Mojave is offering easier connectivity between Apple computers and laptops and iOS-based devices, including iPhone and iPad.

With this feature, you can also port your apps on your iPhone and/or iPad to the new macOS 10.14 (Mojave). Also, three iOS-based applications have their computer version, namely, Stock Exchange, Home, and Dictaphone.

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