Fortnite Cross-Platform Play Finally Implemented By Sony On PlayStation 4

While this possibility seemed unrealistic for Fornite players and developers, now, the PS4 adopted cross-platform play. Fans of the famous Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4 will be able to compete with those that play the game on other platforms, such as Xbox, Android, Microsoft Windows, and so on.

For several months now, the possibility of allowing gamers that use different platforms to compete with each other has been a hot topic. Also, Fortnite, the game developed by Epic Games, continues to bring in new players and this very popularity made Xbox and Nintendo to accept cross-platform play last June, a measure that, before, nobody considered possible. However, Sony had been very skeptical on this one, arguing its refusal to join other manufacturers with commercial and security reasons.

Luckily, Sony changes its mind and now allows Fortnite cross-platform play.

Sony adopts Fortnite cross-platform play on PlayStation 4

The official announcement was made on the PlayStation blog by no other than Sony Interactive Entertainment President John Kodera. It states that “after a thorough evaluation, Sony has found a way to implement cross-platform play function support for some third-party content.”

The cross-platform play allows players on different platforms, be it Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, or smartphone, to play with each other online. So this feature was well-received by fans as it’s enhancing the multiplayer gameplay of the accepted titles. Also, according to Sony, the Japanese manufacturer is working now working on the cross-platform play for other titles than Fortnite, as well.

Available since today, the Fortnite cross-platform play on PlayStation 4 “will enable multi-platform gaming, progression, and commerce across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems.” That is an important step forward for Sony and its PlayStation, but also for all gamers of the famous Battle Royale title.

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