World Of Warcraft: Classic To Be Playable on November 2nd

If you’re a World of Warcraft fan, then we have excellent news for you. On November 2nd, World of Warcraft: Classic will be playable at Blizzcon. However, there’s a catch. Namely, you should buy a Virtual Ticket to be able to play the demo.

“Shortly after the Blizzcon opening ceremony on November 2 (on or around 1 PM PDT), players will be able to download the same in-development BlizzCon World of Warcraft: Classic Demo that will be playable on the show floor,” Blizzcon said. “Players will have a chance to explore and enjoy a limited questing experience through a pair of classic early-level zones – one Horde and one Alliance – and experience firsthand our recreation of the original Azeroth,” Blizzard added.

However, the World of Warcraft: Classic servers will go live immediately after the opening ceremony of the Blizzcon, but everyone who remembers the launch of WoW servers knows that there is a waiting time.

World of Warcraft: Classic to be playable on November 2nd until November 8th

In a bonus video released by Blizzard, the game developer confirmed that a World of Warcraft: Classic panel would also be included during the Blizzcon conference. During the meeting, Blizzcon plans to present where they stand with the new game’s progress and what we should expect. Also, Blizzcon will reveal the challenges they had to overcome to the technical difficulties of porting ancient code.

Ion Hazzikostas, the director of the World of Warcraft: Classic game, announced that the demo would be playable from November 2nd until November 8th, but suggested that the period could be extended. On the other hand, Hazzikostas said nothing about the full version’s release date so all we have to do is wait for the Blizzcon conference when the game developer might present us some more details on World of Warcraft: Classic.


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