Apple iPhone XS Max Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Which Is Faster?

The YouTube channel PhoneBuff compared the most recent flagships of Apple and Samsung, namely, the new iPhone XS Max and the new Galaxy Note 9. Now, which one is faster? The technical specs of the two new smartphones look extraordinary, with the iPhone XS Max boasting the new Apple A12 Bionic chip and 4 GB of RAM, while Samsung Galaxy Note 9 packs a Snapdragon 845 chipset backed up by 8 GB of RAM.

In order to compare these smartphones in a quantified and standardized way, benchmark tests are most often used to test the processors and graphics chipsets of phones. A score is then displayed and allows the testers to rank the smartphones in relation to each other. But these figures are still not very useful or meaningful for regular users.

That’s why PhoneBuff tested the iPhone Xs Max and Galaxy Note 9 in real-life conditions by running 16 applications, opened in a row using a robotic arm to prevent human error. So, between Apple iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which one is faster?

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Which one is faster?

Usually, the most recently released device is faster and more performant, in general, than an older gadget. That seems to prove accurate for the comparison between iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 9, too, even though Apple’s device came out only one month after Note 9.

iPhone XS Max opened all those 16 applications in just 2 minutes and 33 seconds while Galaxy Note 9 finished the same task in only 2 minutes and 47 seconds. This 14-second difference is explained by the power of the latest chip produced by Apple, A12 Bionic chip, which, as Apple stated before launch, it can open apps by up to 30% faster than the previous generation of chipsets, backed up, of course, but the fluidity of iOS 12.

It will be interesting to see if the A12 Bionic will maintain its lead after Huawei’s Kirin 980s and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, both 7-nm SoCs, are released on the market.

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