Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Update – Troops Selection and Battles Improvements

We have been waiting for months to get a new Clash of Clans update. The last update was about Town Hall 12, and it was released in June. It included new levels for buildings and troops and many other interesting things. After that was released, Supercell, the founder, though it would be great to focus on the quality of life improvements for the next Clash of Clans update.

According to some forums of the popular game, some clues about the new features were revealed exactly by the developer. The release date of this update is still, but we bet that you will get excited about this when you read what the update might be about.

One of the best improvements that can happen is the selection of the troops. When you start an attack, you will finally be able to choose your own troops and not get them automatically chosen by default. Sometimes when you touch the map, you might deploy a troop without wanting to so this improvement will also prevent that. Based on what Supercell said about this update, you will now choose the troops for deployment manually so no more mistakes will be made. If you have been misplaced a troop by tapping accidentally on the map, you will enjoy this new improvement.

For another update, you will be able to watch replays of battles with half speed. You will be able to properly see what went wrong in the battle so you can correct your mistakes.

As we mentioned before these are small changes, but despite their size, the effect is the most important. If you want some specific changes to take place, you can talk about that with other users on the forums of the game.

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