iPhone XS and XS Max Have A Severe Issue, As Many Users Reported

iPhone XS and XS Max are two great devices Apple released earlier this month. However, they have a significant bug that might make many Apple fans turn to the third iPhone 2018 model, the iPhone XR. Namely, iPhone XS has a severe issue that doesn’t allow the devices to charge, as many users reported.

The information emerged as a whole bunch of users filed complaints to Apple Support Communities, Reddit, MacRumors forums, Twitter and YouTube.

iPhone XS and XS Max have a severe issue reported by hundreds of users

In this regard, Lewis Hilsenteger, the owner of the most popular YouTube tech channel, Unbox Therapy, told Gordon Kelly, one of the Forbes contributors, that many Apple clients complained that their iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices refuse to charge when in standby if connected to a wall charger. Even worse, some of the handsets with this severe issue freeze and need a hard reset.

To estimate how widespread is this issue, Lewis Hilsenteger checked eight iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices and noticed that only two worked flawlessly. Also, five out of the remaining six models did not charge until their screens were turned on. Besides, one iPhone XS Max device froze for several minutes.

According to Hilsenteger, is challenging to fully estimate how many new iPhone 2018 models have this sever issue as Apple sells millions of such devices.

Are there any working fixes?

As Hilsenteger reported, some users even complained that the replacement handsets boasted the same issue. As for the possible solutions to solve out this problem, some users noticed that flipping the Lightning cable over might help, but the ideal method to bypass this bug is to use wireless charging.

However, all these solutions might eventually damage the battery on iPhone XS and XS Max devices.

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