“Minecraft” Combines With “Diablo” in the Upcoming Mojang Creation, “Minecraft: Dungeons”

Minecraft, developed by Mojang, remains one of the most appreciated and popular games in the world, years after its initial release. With tons of mods, editions, and patches Mojang released over the time, Minecraft is still offering a very nice gaming experience. Now, the upcoming Minecraft: Dungeons is practically Minecraft combined with Diablo.

The new game is dungeon crawler that reminds us of the renowned Diablo, the famous RPG released by Blizzard, to some extent. Of course, it boasts the blocky characters, buildings, and creatures of the original Minecraft universe. The game, set to hit the shelves in 2019, will be a coop game in which up to four players can participate.

“This was a passion project from a small dedicated team at Mojang. It lets players live the experience of spelunking, mining, and cave exploring in the sense of a classic dungeon crawler game,” said Jens Bergensten, the leading developer of the studio.

“Minecraft: Dungeons” is an exciting combination of Minecraft and Diablo

According to Bergensten, Minecraft: Dungeons would feature the famous constructions of the original Minecraft game but also new characters, items, and bosses.

“It’s a distilled version of ‘Minecraft. We wanted to focus on making the dungeon crawler part of the game as good as possible. We talked about adding building a lot, but we were concerned it would distract from what the game is meant to be about,” said Jens Bergensten.

Also, Bergensten disclosed that the new Minecraft: Dungeons, which is practically Minecraft combined with Diablo, which would be an adventure game set in the original Minecraft universe, will have a storyline and would be built with Unreal Engine.

The full version of the game is set to hit shelves in 2019, but Mojang also plans to launch a Beta which would be available only for a small group of people.

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