New Shiny Pokemon To Come To Pokemon Go Tomorrow

Tomorrow, on October 1st, Pokemon Go would add the new Research Tasks. However, according to the YouTuber Reversal, new shiny Pokemon characters would also come into the game. Namely, shiny versions of Krabby and Kingler would be added tomorrow. Reversal also mentioned that he obtained these details directly from Niantic, the Pokemon Go devs.

In comparison to regular characters in the game, shiny Pokemon ones in Pokemon Go have alternate coloration than usual which makes them very rare in the game. On the other hand, since Krabby is not a rare character in the game, we could see it as a reward for one of the new research tasks.

Also, Pokemon Go would add a new variant of Spinda tomorrow. Spinda is a Normal-Type Pokemon that boasts multiple spot patterns the devs modified month by month.

New shiny Pokemon to come to Pokemon Go tomorrow, along with other changes, while more improvements are to come in the following weeks

Additionally, Pokemon Go will also launch another surprise content tomorrow along with the Research Breakthrough rewards and new Field Research tasks. Also, this month would be a premiere for Niantic as the company announced some of the changes in advance.

On the other hand, Pokemon Go is also in the middle of a huge change regarding the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo which is now a regular Raid Boss for the first time. Also, the Mythical Pokemon Deoxys will be among the EX Raid Bosses beginning starting with October 1st, while Beldum will be the center of the upcoming Pokemon Go Community Day of October. Besides, a Halloween event in Pokemon Go is expected this month, too.

In short, tomorrow, October 1st, new shiny Pokemon will come to Pokemon Go. More specifically, shiny version of Krabby and Kingler would come tomorrow. Also, we should expect other changes, as well, according to Niantic.

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