Five Tricks To Boost Your Android One Device Experience

Android One is the special edition of Google’s operating system that is designed explicitly to low- and mid-range smartphones. It comes with Android Stock, support for updates and offers a better fluidity. While this version of Android does not have very advanced settings, it has many exciting features. Here are five tricks to boost your experience with any Android One device.

Open your camera without turning your device’s screen on

If you want to take a quick photo, you can choose to do that without having to turn on the screen of the handset, unlock it and go to the camera app. Just press the power button twice, and the camera application should activate. This option doesn’t unlock the smartphone, and to return to the lock screen press the power button twice, again.

Enhance the audio of your Android One device

If you want to improve your Android One device’s sound slightly, there is an exciting option in the accessibility settings. Go to “Settings” and “Accessibility,” slide to the “Audio and Text-On-Screen” section and activate “Audio in Mono.” This function will combine the channels when playing back multimedia files.

Use the File Explorer

If you want to control your images, applications and other files in a practical way, an Android One device has a straightforward but practical File Explorer app. It might also be dubbed as “Files.” However, in case your smartphone has no such app, you can access your files and documents from “Settings” -> “Storage”.

Remove Google Now from your Home screen

If you’re not using Google Now and don’t want it to appear on your Home screen, there’s an easy way to turn it off. On the home page, hold down until the controls open. Click on the settings page and deactivate Google Now. By doing so, you might also enhance your Android One device performance.

Use the Android One split screen feature

Android One supports split screen, meaning that you can use two apps on the same screen. To do that, open the drawer of recent apps, select the one you want and slide it to the top. Now, open the other app in the carousel, and it will automatically add to the split screen.

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