Google Play Store V10.7.19 Update Now Available with New Offline Mode Changes

Experienced users can now enjoy the Google Play Store V10.7.19.

Some people who are experienced in using modded apps have been waiting for the Android app store to get modded too. Now the new Play Store 10.7.19 version is modded so you can finally use it the way you wanted.

As the number of people interested in e-books, free apps, videos, music, and other software via the Play Store rises, something needed to be done. The same thought Great ChelpuS which released this version of the app listening to everything users had to say.

What is The Modded Version Of Play Store good at

  • Apps protected by Google LVL can now be used without them cracking
  • App licenses can be verified by users in offline mode
  • You no longer need to use Lucky Patcher to patch apps
  • Paid apps cannot be gotten for free
  • You can disable the self-update feature
  • If using Proxy the license verification and billing will not work
  • The refund button no longer needs backup, and it was reworked
  • You can use patched APK to install Play Store
  • You can get the most recent Lucky Patcher APK.

Double click the icon from the home screen to run the app then go to Menu and select Patch to Android option

After that go to Always True and Disable Zip Signature Verify and tap on Yes to choose Signature to verify.

Then the app will reboot, and you can move to Patch to Android and check if it worked. Get out of Lucky Patcher if that was okay and if not repeat the thirds step.

After that, you can install the app. It is not hard to install the modded version of the Play Store and can be used by ordinary users as well as developers. However, keep in mind that if not used properly it might cause issues.

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