Microsoft X018 Might Hold Some Big Surprises and Exciting News In its Bag

The return of Microsoft X018 was one of the ads that surprised us the most about the latest Inside Xbox. Phil Spencer made an appearance, announcing important news for the company. The comeback of the X018 event was one of the news Spence announced, and it was very well received by fans, as well.

Gaming industry specialists think we’ll witness many announcements during the Microsoft X018 conference

Jez Corden, a journalist of Windows Central and known insider of Microsoft, has launched some tweets on the matter. Corden assures that Microsoft will make some significant announcements during the X018 and that it will be more than the Inside Xbox.

Corden also bets that we will see streamings of certain upcoming games, while, on the other hand, the hype has also been unleashed by Hugues Ouvrard, director of Xbox France. After he launched the mysterious message saying that “I’m really looking forward to launching an important announcement this week,” many users have pointed out that we may witness even more news at the X018 than expected.

When and where will the new X018 event take place?

Past X0 events have always been characterized by revealing essential novelties. And the first leaks regarding what we can find in the new Microsoft X018, which will take place from November 10th to November 11th in Mexico City, are already beginning to emerge.

In any case, for the moment, there is nothing confirmed, and we just have to wait for the event to happen.

It is true that Microsoft X018 event promises a lot, especially after remembering its history. Or maybe, in the end, the event is just an Inside Xbox with more impact on the Xbox community. In any case, we look forward to the event set to start on November 10th, and, hopefully, Microsoft will announce some exciting news.

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