Firefox Beta 63.0 for Android Is Now Available

Firefox is one of the most popular Internet browsers, and Firefox for Android is equally appreciated. However, it still lags behind Google Chrome both regarding downloads and features. But that’s no problem because Mozilla is frequently updating its browser and implements new features and improvements. Now, Firefox Beta 63.0 for Android is available.

Mozilla is a non-profit organization which promises to keep the Internet in people’s hands. It came up with the Firefox browser in November 2004 after a few years it worked on other similar projects. Since then, many users started to turn to Mozilla Firefox, that until Google Chrome took the Internet by storm on both PCs and smartphones via Android.

However, just recently Mozilla Firefox deployed the Quantum version which seems much better than Google Chrome itself. Also, Mozilla is always working to come up with frequent updates that fix reported bugs, add new features, and improve the user experience.

Firefox Beta 63.0 for Android Is Now Available

Yesterday, October 2nd, 2018, Firefox Beta 63.0 for Android became available. It’s not coming with any visible changes but, under the hood, the new Beta version has fewer bugs. Also, the new variant boasts improved stability and a few security fixes and updates.

Since this is Firefox Beta, the version is not the final one, but only a release designed for beta testers to check it out and see how things are going in it, and report every bug or security flaw they discover before the final version emerges on the Internet.

To download and test it your self, you can sign up as a Mozilla beta tester or grab the new Firefox Beta 63.0 for Android as an APK file from sites like APKMirror.

On the other hand, if you want to grab the latest final version release, Mozilla Firefox 62.0.3 for Android is now available on Google Play Store.

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