New Nintendo Switch Rumored For 2019 – Here’s Everything We Know About It!

According to the online media The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is preparing a new Nintendo Switch console for 2019. It would be the same console but updated and with an improved display. According to the before-mentioned news portal, that would be an effective way for Nintendo to boost its sales for the console.

While it is more likely for Nintendo to use LCD technology, there is a small chance that an OLED display will be introduced. Thus, using an improved display, the screen thickness would be lowered, battery consumption would be improved, and weight would be reduced.

However, Nintendo did not offer any details, so we can’t know just yet what kind of hardware the rumored Nintendo Switch 2019 console would include. It might not even be a whole new generation of Nintendo Switch, but it could be only a hardware-upgraded version of the current Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo plans to release a new Nintendo Switch in 2019

According to Wall Street Journal, the new Nintendo Switch console would come out around mid-2019, even though Nintendo didn’t offer an exact date. This information has been revealed by a group of experts close to Nintendo’s suppliers, who shared the rumors with the before-mentioned news portal.

The problem we think about right now is whether or not the currently Nintendo Switch games would be compatible with the new Nintendo Switch 2019 variant. In case they’re not, as it happens with PlayStation or Xbox games when a new console arrives, Nintendo might not register as many sales as they expect. Therefore, according to the fans, Nintendo should opt for an upgraded version but still compatible with the current Nintendo Switch games.

However, many Nintendo fans expect a Lite/Slim version of the Nintendo Switch console that would still be compatible with the games of the current console and that, at the same time, is cheaper. But, almost unanimously, most Switch gamers agree that the new Nintendo Switch 2019 variant should boast a better battery for higher autonomy.

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