Adobe Flash Player on Windows 7 Downloading Problems

An IT Specialist has made a post on Adobe’s forum explaining his problem with the Flash Player. He said that the Flash Player could be installed without problems on any computers besides the ones running on Windows 7. The program can be downloaded into the device, but an error message pops up every time he tries to install it. It can’t even be updated. In addition to this, the problem has been up for almost three weeks now, and no fixing was provided.

One of the other forum writers suggest that the online installation does not work because of this:

10/02/18 19:27:06:604 | [ERROR] |  | ADM |  | ApplicationContext | ValidationFailure |  | 4592 | Binary signature validation failed.

10/02/18 19:27:06:604 | [ERROR] |  | ADM |  | ApplicationContext | InstallError |  | 4592 | Error while validating installer for package ‘Adobe Flash Player’ at path ‘C:\Users\7\AppData\Local\Adobe\4E7B4803-BD2D-45D3-B2D0-FCB8B58367CC\1F1EB998-6146-4858-8 4F0-197F4BE8E502\28213067-62BC-4DEB-BF7B-178FF9C69A4A’

Some other writers also say that if the Windows 7 is updated completely, it should have the Flash Player on its own.

However, the real solution came from a more experienced user. He said that if you download the installer from, it will get the Flash Player to be installed in the background without bothering you. However, this is only meant for single-user installations. If you want to distribute this program within an organization, you will need to use MSI and EXE which are full installers. A distribution license will also be required. This is the only solution available to distribute the Flash Player within an organization. If you want to use a distribution license go to Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe and they will provide you with one. Keep in mind that public email addresses such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail are not allowed.

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