Fortnite Gamers Searching For “Cheat Codes” Exposed To Private Data And Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet Credentials Theft

Researchers at Malwarebytes Labs found a malicious file created to steal data and details of Bitcoin (BTC) wallets. The malware was hidden in supposed free downloadable versions of the new edition of the famous video game Fortnite, which recently launched its sixth season.

The creators of the malicious program focused on players tempted to explore pages that offer Fortnite tricks and cheats to download the game before its release, or to obtain special codes that give them advantages over other players.

According to Christopher Boyd from the Malwarebytes Labs, they examined a large number of alleged “free” Android versions of Fortnite’s sixth season. The research included a series of YouTube videos offering free “V-Bucks,” a token used to purchase additional content in the game’s store, as well as other advantages for gamers.

Some of the videos contaminated with malicious code packages, described as “fake tricks, wallhacks, and aimbots,” reached more than 120,000 hits before being blocked for violating YouTube’s spam policy.

Fortnite gamers exposed to private data theft, including their Bitcoin (BTC) wallets credentials

Once victims subscribe to one of these channels, they are invited to complete several steps, including responding to a survey, to get to the download page. Boyd noted that the look and feel of the site could be quite compelling to players. He also said that up to the time the report was published, the malicious file had been downloaded by 1,207 times.

When installed, the Trojan starts stealing necessary device information and other data such as Bitcoin (BTC) wallets credentials, Steam sessions, cookies, and browser session details. It then proceeds to send that information, via a POST command, to a file in the Russian Federation, as the report says.

Boyd reported that, in order to complete the scam, cybercriminals added a “readme” file to the malicious software, announcing to gamers that they can buy additional Fortnite tricks for $80 in Bitcoin (BTC).

Popular video games such as Fortnite tend to be an attractive platform for scammers and cybercriminals. A year ago a user was reported selling so-called “cheats” for Fortnite, which was a file infected with a hidden Bitcoin (BTC) mining malware.

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