Nokia 7.1 Announced Officially With A Notch and Two-Camera System on The Back

HMD Global continues its journey in the smartphone industry with the brand Nokia. Now, Nokia 7.1, a remake of the Nokia 7, is official. Unfortunately, the new model doesn’t come out with many improvements, at least, when compared with other devices of its range from other manufacturers, be them Chinese smartphone producers.

The new Nokia 7.1 comes with a notch and thin edges

When HMD started his journey as the new Nokia smartphone manufacturer, the company decided to go alone, without paying much attention to the path and trends that the competition was following. However, fortunately, they have not been slow in assuming some of the new trends as is the case of the notch and two-camera system in the new Nokia 7.1.

The new Nokia 7.1 boasts a screen that occupies much of the front side of the smartphone, only the bottom showing a thicker edge, while a notch at the top houses the sensors and terminal’s selfies camera. This display has 5.84 inches and is designed with the PureDisplay Full HD technology with a screen ratio of 19: 9, something that is already becoming trendy for the mid- high-range smartphones.

Nokia 7.1 technical specs

Checking out the new Nokia 7.1 technical specs, we observe that the new device doesn’t have significant changes over its predecessor. Accordingly, Nokia 7.1 boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 chipset as a processor and a two-camera system on its back, with Zeiss optics and 12+5 megapixels sensors. On the front, the device packs an 8-Mp selfies camera.

Also, the new Nokia 7.1 comes out in two variants, one with 3 Gb RAM and 32 Gb of internal memory and another with 4 Gb RAM 64 Gb storage space. Both models support microSD cards.

HGM Global just announced the new Nokia 7.1 but didn’t reveal an exact release date. Also, we should expect this model to cost around $300. Most probably, the handset’s price will not exceed that level.

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