PureVPN – A Leading Figure in the VPN Industry

Privacy and security are the focal points of almost every discussion on the internet. Online users, although, show concerns about their privacy, they wrongly believe that they are helpless and can do nothing to secure it. Boy, are they wrong!

Well, there is a surefire way that can help people living anywhere in the world ensure their online privacy. That solution is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Over the years, the VPN industry has witnessed massive growth. In fact, its growth is expected to cross $35.73 billion by 2022. The online security industry is set to touch a new high of $106 billion by the same time.

Seeing the growing popularity and the variety of purposes a VPN serves, it is imperative that we arm our devices with a reliable VPN. And, when it comes to reliability and trust, PureVPN is one such VPN that fits the purpose well.

PureVPN – Always at the top of the game

PureVPN has been leading the VPN industry for over a decade. Operating from Hong Kong, the service boasts a massive network of VPN servers strategically deployed at over 180+ locations across the globe.

There’s a reason why millions of users adore PureVPN. For starters, PureVPN is amongst the first few services that are completely compliant with the new European privacy laws, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies.

The VPN service delivers complete Internet freedom and privacy to its users. The service delivers complete access to over 95,000 anonymous IPs. These IPs originate from 180 different locations, ensuring not only guaranteed anonymity but also universal access to unlimited content, which is otherwise inaccessible due to firewalls or censorship.

Privacy aside, accessing geo-blocked streaming services is another great reason to go for PureVPN. The VPN service offers unlimited access to 100s of popular streaming channels that are accessible only through a handful of VPN services. For instance, PureVPN’s browser extension helps users access Netflix US even while they are outside the US. Similarly, the service can easily unblock SlingTV, Hulu Live, Amazon Prime and other streaming channels from outside the US. Perhaps, universal access is what that has garnered good ratings on many PureVPN reviews, covered by many review platforms.

A massive IP pool and highest encryption technology aren’t the only deciding factors for PureVPN. The service also boasts added features that give users unmatched control over their VPN use such as Internet Kill Switch (IKS), split tunneling, P2P, multiple logins, and more.

Evolution from VPN to Cybersecurity Solution

Although VPNs are great when it comes to ensuring users’ online privacy and data security, it can’t protect users against cyber threats such as malware attack, ransomware, DDoS, malicious traffic, etc.

If you look at the recent malware attacks statistics, you will see continuous growth in cyber attacks. In fact, according to a security survey, in the Q1 of 2017, a new malware was identified every 4.2 seconds. The same report mentioned that over 6 million new malware specimens were found in 2016

Seeing an immense need of complete online privacy and security, PureVPN took it upon itself to evolve from a Virtual Private Network service to a full-fledged cybersecurity solution.

With the introduction of Ozone, PureVPN presented a VPN that packs the best Internet security. The Ozone feature introduced by PureVPN offers a multitude of security features to protect users against various online threats. The antimalware capability included Ozone blocks different types of malware and ransomware attacks. Similarly, the IDS/IPS feature keeps malicious traffic from reaching a user’s network.

Apart from antimalware and IDS/IPS, Ozone also offers other family-oriented features that include website filter and ad-blocker.

On top of Ozone, PureVPN also features Gravity, aka secure DNS. It offers better protection and speed for users who need online security, even when the VPN is not connected.

A Stern Supporter of Internet Privacy & Freedom

Since PureVPN aims to empower Internet users across the globe to enjoy online privacy and freedom, it has always backed organizations that support the same objective.

For instance, the VPN service is an active sponsor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights for the digital civil rights of Internet users.

Similarly, PureVPN periodically partners with Open Media to fight for causes that support an open Internet. The VPN service ran a campaign, The World for the Web, with Open Media to stand united and fight against the Net Neutrality repeal.

Earlier in 2018, PureVPN celebrated the Safer Internet Day with the SaferInternetDay.org by initiating awareness campaigns for safer Internet practices.

Wrap Up

A VPN’s job shouldn’t be limited to anonymity or accessibility of blocked content. It should be holistic and robust enough to help users fight the various online threats that can lead to destructive consequences such as blackmailing, identity theft, cyberstalking, etc.

PureVPN is amongst the very few in the VPN industry that caters to the important needs of Internet users, and it does so with its amazing service.

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