Google App 8.24 Defaults and New Strings

The latest version of the Google app continues work on a number of features including Assistant Households, setting a default Notes and Lists app, Google Lens, and much more.

In the APK Insight post, is decompiled the new version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. Looking through this file, it was able to find various lines of code that hint at possible future features that Google may or may not ever ship them. In case they do ship them, we listed those closer to being finished to give a picture.

Assistant Households

For the upcoming Assistant Households feature details setting a nickname or how to stay connected through birthdays the new string will look like this.

<string name=”assistant_settings_household_edit_nickname_title”>Nickname</string>

<string name=”assistant_settings_household_edit_subtitle”>”Your Assistant will use this info to help you and %s stay connected”</string>

<string name=”assistant_settings_household_member_birthday” formatted=”false”>%s%s%s</string>

<string name=”assistant_settings_household_remove_member_button_label”>Remove from family group</string>

Notes and lists settings

At I/O 2018, was announced that work continues to let users third party applications to be defaulted notes and list provider for Google Assistant. Even if the option menu in version 8.24 is not live yet, it was possible to enable ‘not sync your data with any service’ option.

<string name=”notes_lists_provider_link_description”>”Account linking and selection will provide %1$s with permission to access your Lists and Notes data from Google Assistant. Any changes you make to your lists and notes data will be visible to %1$s.

Customize Discover

Last week was announced the replacing of Feed with Google Discover as part of Google’s look to next 20 years of Search. Google Discover is not available yet on devices but the customize option in the More tab has been updated as a preview to the upcoming functionality.

Google application continues working on new unified Hub setting with option for autoplaying video and Google Discover.

<string name=”autoplay_video_previews_hub”>Autoplay video previews</string>

<string name=”autoplay_video_previews_preference”>search_video_preview_autoplay</string>

<string name=”interest_feed_details_hub”>”You’ll see stories related to your interests on the home tab of the app.”</string>

Google Lens gallery import

This feature is not available yet, but it is fully enabled in version 8.24. However, there will be a new ‘hold steady’ warning to get better results.


Slices launch was announced this fall. It will help surface relevant part for a quick access in Google apps. For example, when ordering an Uber, users will be able to see the nearest driver and trip suggestions. In order to search for a picture such as ‘Hawaii pictures’ a quick online search will surface on Google Photos.

<string name=”slice_loading_error”>”Couldn’t connect to %s. Tap to open the app.”</string>

In order to update you have the option to sign up for the Google app’s beta program or you can head to the Play Store list on Android and scroll to the bottom. The latest beta version of the Google app is immediately rolled out when it is available.

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