Google Pixel Slate Chromebook Images Leaked Online Two Days Before Official Launch

While only two days apart us from the MadeByGoogle event (scheduled on October 9th), Google Pixel Slate Chromebook images leaked online ahead of its official launch. Although many leaks revealed some other Google products, including Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL or the third-generation Chromecast or Google Home Hub smart display, we’ve seen nothing about the upcoming Google Pixel Slate Chromebook. That, until now!

Google Pixel Slate Chromebook, codenamed Nocturne, is nothing else than the 2018 remake of the Pixelbook, the Google tablet PC. However, even though not many leaks on this one have emerged online, we know something about it. And now, we learned even more about this new Google Pixel Slate as some renderers leaked on MySmartPrice.

Source: MySmartPrice

Improved design for the new Google Pixel Slate Chromebook

Regarding its design, the upcoming Google Pixel Slate Chromebook looks like a hybrid between Google Pixel C and the Google Pixelbook, as XDA-Developers reported.

Reportedly, Google Pixel Slate comes with a larger display with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a rear camera on one of the top corners and a selfies camera on top of the front side. Also, the new Google tablet PC would boast a metallic build. Also, it’s quite possible the new Pixel Slate to boast a fingerprint sensor, too.

Google Pixel Slate Chromebook to run a tablet-optimized Chrome OS

The upcoming Google Pixel Slate Chromebook would run a Chrome OS, specially optimized for tablets, instead of the Android Marshmallow/Nougat/Orea build on Google Pixel C. However, don’t worry, the new Google tablet PC will also support all Android apps, so you can run your favorite applications on it without a glitch.

Also, similar to Google Pixel C, this Pixel Slate Chromebook would also have a detachable keyboard. Besides, reportedly, it will boast two front-facing stereo speakers and a USB Type-C port.

Unfortunately, Google revealed nothing regarding the hardware specs of the new Google Pixel Slate Chromebook but, according to some benchmark tests, it might boast similar specs to those of the last year’s Google tablet PC.

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