Kodi 18 Beta 3 Update Available to Download – Should We Get It?

The next version of Kodi, code-named Leia, is expected to arrive before the end of this year but if you do not want to wait until then can you can install the latest beta to learn about the new features the version. It was announced that the developer just released Kodi 18 Beta 3 and it has its bad and good news for fans.

The good news for the new Beta 3 is that the development process is running smoothly and it also has become almost impossible to create a full change-log for Kodi 18 Beta 3, suggesting there were plenty of things the developers were working on.

“A full change-log is nearly impossible to create and in this release article we will only cover the basics,” Kodi team said in a blog post.

The bad news is that the developers say that Kodi v18 will not have any additional feature which means they already added the entire feature they planned to Kodi Leia, so the aim now will be to focus on bug fixing and getting it ready for the final release.

The development team will improve the stability and performance of the software.

The remarkable fixes in Kodi 18 Beta 3 include a work for the slow browsing in the library an also the changed button maps have now been updated. Video and DTS-HD audio playback for Android has also been improved and the video issues on Windows are now fixed.

The download option for Kodi 18 Beta 3 is now available on the official download page and you can select the platform of your choice which is under the pre-release tab. Android and Windows users can select the easy way by downloading add-on, available in Kodi’s repository.

Even if it is not an official release data yet, the speculation of fans and developers is that Kodi 18 Beta 4 is expected by October 14 and Release Candidate 1 by October 28, while Release Candidate 2 will be out by November 11.

After Kodi 18, developers will eventually plan to integrate Python 3 with Kodi, but the support for Python 3 will not be out unit Kodi 19. Python 2.7 is currently used by Kodi to tun add-ons written in programming language and Python 3 is not compatible with the previous version. Once Kodi 18 Leia is released, developers will have time to develop Python v2 and v3 add-ons.

Kodi’ software is not illegal but if an unaffiliated developer creates a third-party add-ons, which help users access even pirated and illegal content will get closed. This happened to Kodi add-on site, Team Illuminati due to the copyright holders.

This is a problem which Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. ACE, an anti-piracy alliance, internet service providers, government agencies, broadcasters and rights holders are targeting to solve.

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