Minecraft 2 Leaks Start to Appear

Every month, about 100 million people play Minecraft, and over 150 million copies have been sold. It’s the second most high-selling game of all times. Do you know which one is the first one? Tetris.

It has great success and it’s understandable why we assume that there’s going to be the second game. Microsoft paid $2.5 billion for “Minecraft”, so we think that the expectations are correct. However, Microsoft does not have the same opinion. They don’t think it’s any use in giving the community a sequel. The new game from Minecraft is not called Minecraft 2, but Minecraft: Dungeons, and it’s something like Diablo set in the Minecraft universe. This piece of information was revealed in the weekend while a live-streamed fan event took place, which was called Minecon Earth. The game is created by a group from Mojang, which created the game Minecraft.

The new game

The game looks like the original Minecraft. However, it does not have the signature of the game – you won’t be mining and crafting too much. They wanted the dungeon crawler part to be the best one, so they didn’t focus as much on the crafting and mining part. This part could’ve distracted the players from the true meaning of the game – the dungeon part. Can you imagine the Minecraft game without a building?

They’re trying to expand the community, and they’re doing that with Dungeons. At the same time, they want to keep the community together, so their updates are free. They don’t want their players to go from Minecraft 1 to Minecraft 2; they simply want them to enjoy it while keeping the game authentic.

Besides, what would Minecraft 2 look like? People don’t need a Minecraft 2, as they’re able to create the Minecraft 2 within the Minecraft 1.

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