The Witcher 4 and CDPR Further Plans

CDPR might hit the market with its new game Cyberpunk 2077 which has the potential to become quite a popular one. However, this game developer can focus on other projects at once too. With that being said, CDPR mentioned in an interview that they are now looking forward to beginning the development of the fourth Witcher game. All that was confirmed is that the company is working on this game, but we do not know for sure when it will be released.

When referring to the Witcher 4, CDPR used the word installment because this game will never be built as the sequel to the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. What they want to do is to create a new series in order to expand the RPG universe. They chose to do that because they do not want to have what the original Witcher Trilogy established ruined. If we are taking a deeper look at the company’s choice, we can see some reasoning there.

If you want to know the exact plans, CDPR has, and how it will do to achieve them, you can see for yourself at Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda. The same statement has been made before even by Bioware before beginning the development of Andromeda. Even though CDPR would never admit it, this looks like they have chosen the same strategy for The Witcher 4.

However, this is great news because Witcher fans can play The Witcher 4 without needing to remember what happened through the previous ones as it will be totally new from its predecessors. They still need to pray for The Witcher 4 to be as good as the other same games because that did not happen to the Andromeda in regards to the Mass Effect Trilogy. Maybe Witcher gamers will be lucky.

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  1. They should build a new story for Witcher 4 with new characters. Implement character creation, and reference characters from the original trilogy.

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