Ethereum (ETH) DApps Maintain Below 15,000 Users Per Day

Ethereum (ETH) decentralized applications (Dapps) also seem to be feeling the effects of the downward trend in the cryptocurrencies market. From May to October of this year, the volume of users of all Ethereum (ETH) DApps dropped from a peak of 32,000 users to just 14,000, while in July it reached a minimum of 4,000.

The average number of users of all network applications remained around 10,000 per day in the last two months. According to data from the DappRadar statistics page, the Ethereum (ETH) network currently has 988 active DApps, of which only three exceed one thousand users per day.

The historical maximum of users/day was registered on May 18th, 2018, when more than 32,000 people interacted with some of the active applications in Ethereum (ETH) network. Around this date, some games were launched that quickly reached popularity, such as Ether Cartel and Ether Shrimp Farm.

However, the daily traffic of the Ethereum Dapps has fluctuated mostly below 17,000 throughout this year. Last month the maximum number of users in a day reached only 12,265.

Ethereum (ETH) DApps Maintain Below 15,000 Users Per Day

The most popular DApp in the ranking made by DappRadar is 333ETH, with about two thousand users in the last 24 hours. This DApp is qualified as “high risk,” however, as it is an investment platform that promises a “for life” return to users. There are accusations about this application that qualify it as a fraudulent scheme.

Even the MetaMask crypto wallet service recently decided to block it from its platform. It is striking that of the first fifteen DApps in the ranking, five are deemed as “high risk” applications. In the second and third place in the list are two cryptocurrency exchange houses, Idex and ForkDelta, with a traffic of 1,350 and 1,000 users in 24 hours.

As for the volume of Ethereum (ETH) traded through the Ethereum (ETH) DApps, at its highest level in September, it reached more than 36,000 ETH.

Decentralized applications are programs whose operation depends on the user community since there are no intermediaries between their creators and those who use them. Ethereum (ETH) was created primarily as a decentralized platform for the operation of this type of applications, known as DApps.

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