Facebook Lite Update Download Available – Improved with Speed and Reliability

The Facebook Lite app represents a faster and much easier way of keeping up with what your friends are doing. This opportunity will allow you to connect with your friends and keep up with your current social network and – why not? – help to evolve it. What is great about the Facebook Lite app’s version is its small size which will allow you to save vital space on your phone’s storage and also you will be able to connect into your Facebook account even in 2G conditions.

A lot of classic features which made Facebook popular are present in this tiny app. We are talking about filling up your Timeline with all kinds of stuff, you can like photos, find out more about people and edit your profile or groups. Here are some specific features: you can find family and friends really easy and you can perform multiple status updates and Facebook’s emojis can be used as to relay what you really want to transmit.

Also, you will get notifications when your friends will like or comment on your posts. Facebook Lite can be used to find events near your area, RSVP to those that you wish to attend and you can also make plans with your friends. When you encounter a photo that you particularly like, you can save it and find it later into your photo albums.

You can choose to follow certain people if you wish to find out more about what are they doing. When you wish to go out into town, you can search local businesses in order to see how they are reviewed, on what hours they operate or how they look like in photos. Facebook Marketplace can also be accessed in order to buy or sell something locally.

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