The Cybersecurity Division of Alibaba Performed a Jailbreak on iOS 12

It seems that the iOS 12 isn’t as tight with its security as Apple led most of us to believe. After it was released last week, it took Pandora labs – which is a cybersecuriy division working for Alibaba – just a couple of hours to jailbreak the mobile OS. The jailbreaking act itself was posted initially as a short video on Weibo and from there Yalu Jailbreak (with the handle @Yalujb) picked it up and posted it on Twitter.

By watching it you can see the process of jailbreaking the iOS 12 being done on a device that looks a lot like last year’s iPhone X. After the activation of the software, the user completed its task and then reset the phone. After this is done we see the iPhone unlocking itself without the need of a password or FaceID.

The video ends with a screenshot of the jailbreak app and the words ‘Your phone is pwned’ can be seen on the screen. This definitely isn’t the first time that Apple has been shown to be vulnerable in terms of its iOS. Previously, before the release of the iOS 12, Cellebrite, an Israeli company, designed a crack which could exploit and break into any device that had iOS 11 incorporated.

This happened during the time that Apple refused the FBI access to the phone believed to belong to the suspect of the San Bernadino shooting which occurred two years ago. At the moment of writing this article, Apple has yet to release a statement regarding the iOS 12 jailbreak. Yalu Jailbreak stated, however, that the code necessary for this jailbreak will more than likely never see the light of day. That is because Pandora Labs never released such a thing to the general public.

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