The New Chromecast 2018 Presented By Google Yesterday During The “Made by Google” Conference

In the event that Google has held in New York, the giant Internet company presented the new Chromecast 2018. It’s still small, excellent and cheap as its predecessor was, so why would they provide a new one? The truth is that the new Chromecast doesn’t differ much from the old one, as it still maintains its maximum resolution of 1080p and still has a wireless connection via Wi-Fi.

This Chromecast is already on sale and is capable of executing Google Home orders. As for the physical aspect, it recovers the design of its predecessor. According to Google, however, this new generation of Chromecast is more potent than the previous one, as it is 15% faster.

Among the new features the Chromecast brings, we have the so-called Multi-room support. In short, it offers the possibility of playing the same content in different rooms, as long as you have compatible devices. The downside of this functionality is that the “Multi-room” support is not yet active, but it will arrive soon following an update.

The new Chromecast 2018 presented during the Made by Google event is already available

On the other hand, they have significantly improved the connection between Chromecast 3 and the Google Home Mini. At the moment, Chromecast 3 is halfway there, as it serves as a connecting thread between Google Home and TV. This new Chromecast is available on the official Google website in two colors, namely, in white and black.

The new Chromecast costs only $35 and is available from today. It is now available on Google’s website dedicated to the device. Besides this new gadget, Google also revealed its new smartphones, Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL during the Made by Google event, held recently.

Since you know all the details of the new Chromecast 2018, and think that you might need this device, just go to Google’s Chromecast website and get one.

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